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Safari Journal

Quirky colonial men

Quirky colonial men

A guaranteed conversation starter, Colonial Men statues are a quirky art piece that work well in eclectic and global style interiors.

Also known as Colon [French for colonial] statues, they became popular post colonial rule in the Ivory Coast during the late 1950s. It is said as foreign administrators and expatriates began departing, they commissioned portraits of their vocation as a souvenir - doctor, soldier, priest and business men.

My own pipe smoking, orange shirt Colonial Man (see the last image) has been a colourful feature of our living room for many years. At 154cm tall, it is a favourite with my niece and nephew who used his shirt buttons to measure their growth from their last visit. Needless to say they are now both taller then my Colonial Man (and also me!).

Quirky colonial men | A super tall Colonial Man statue guarding the doorway to a bedroom

Quirky colonial men | Colourful Colon Men from our Woven & Stitched collection

Quirky colonial men | A beautiful book shelf collection of West African Colon statues

Quirky colonial men | Adding touches of yellow with a Colonial Man on a floating wall shelf

Quirky colonial men | My own Colonial Man statue used as a prop on our Safari-esque photo shoot

[Images: 1-2 House and Leisure, 3,6 Safari Fusion, 4 Villa Sans Souci, 5 Forty Five Villa]

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