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Mud cloth

Mud cloth

I am currently obsessed with Mud Cloth [Bogolan cloth] and have noticed it is popping up in interiors in many forms all over the world.

This beautiful textured cloth is woven in Mali from cotton on special narrow looms which produce 15 cm fabric strips, stitched together they form a plain fabric of around 1 x 1.5 metres. Soaking in a dye bath and sun dried, the cloth is painted with a tribal motif using a special mud which reacts with the dye. After removing the mud and washing out the dye the fabric is then complete.

The cloth can be found in Black with a Natural / Beige geometric design and also in a beautiful natural White with Black motifs. A little rarer is the natural White cloth with an Ochre or Goldenrod design.

Pictured are images I found on Pinterest with some ideas of what you can upholster with Mud Cloth, along with some modern interpretations in the form of carpet and wallpaper.

Mud cloth | Vintage Bogolan textile chair, Fabio House, Filicudi Island, Sicily Italy via photographer Adriano Bacchella

Mud cloth | Beautiful black Bogolan cloth as a wall hanging behind a bed via Amber Interiors

Mud cloth | Bogolan inspired geometric carpet in a London home via Bruce Norman Interior Design

Mud cloth | Vintage style chair reupholstered in black Bogolan fabric via Design Sponge

Mud cloth | Contemporary style boys bedroom with Bogolan cloth bedhead via Amber Interiors

Mud cloth | Bogolan inspired geometric 'Mali' wallpaper by Amber Interiors

Mud cloth | Wire leg bench seat upholstered in black Bogolan fabric via Homepolish[Images: 1 Adriano Bacchella, 2,5-6 Amber Interiors, 3 Bruce Norman Long Interior Design, 4 Design Sponge, 7 Homepolish]

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Jun 27, 2018

Every single picture was awesome! I love this motif. Blessings…Hope to be using some of these ideas in the next month or two. Yvonne

Yvonne F Johnson

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