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African street art

African street art

I love Melbourne's hidden lane ways filled with graffiti, but I think Africa's street art takes it to the next level.

From Jaws corner in Zanzibar's Stone Town to the tip of the continent in Woodstock, Cape Town you can find street art inspired by Africa's wonderful wildlife.

African street art | Jaws corner Zanzibar Stone Town, Tanzania

African street art | Elephant mural by Sonny at Park Corner Johannesburg, South Africa

African street art | Elephant mural on the corner of Frere Street and Albert Road Woodstock, Cape Town South Africa[Images: 1,3 Instagram @sonnysundancer, 2 Instagram @ismail_ishu_hobbygraphy, 4 Instagram @yvettebax.traveljournal]

Jun 26, 2018

I visited South Africa last year and cannot wait to go again.The artwork featuring the lion above is wonderful. Can that be purchased as a print?

Ann Smith

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